I help my clients to look at their experiences in new ways and to imagine and create new possibilities for themselves.

A Different Approach
To Psychotherapy

Marcie offers an integrative approach to psychotherapy that is informed by ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary psychology. Both are important and complimentary ways of exploring and understanding ourselves and developing ways to reduce suffering and increase joy and engagement in life. Her approach reflects both the depth and breadth of her clinical experience and meditation practice, drawing on her training in insight-oriented approaches as well as mindfulness based and cognitive behavioral strategies. This integrative approach allows her to fluidly attend to her clients’ needs as they change and grow.

Benefits of Psychotherapy

There may be many reasons you are seeking therapy at this time. You may be coping with a specific stressor or transition, dealing with old unresolved pain, or just feel like you’re not living or relating as fully as you would like. You may find yourself frustrated by the role you repeatedly play in your relationships. Psychotherapy can provide a safe environment in which to explore these issues, and to understand and address the barriers and resistance to change. It allows us to slow down, tune inward and examine ourselves and our experience in an open and curious way. Through this we are able to gain a greater level of insight and awareness of our internal world, our relationships with others, and to connect with our deepest values and desires. With greater conscious awareness we can move towards living in greater alignment with what is truly important to us and make choices that lead us to our path of greatest fulfillment.

What To Expect And How To Get Started

The match between a therapist and client is crucial in establishing a productive and meaningful therapeutic relationship. If you are interested in working together, we will spend some time on the phone prior to an initial meeting so that we can briefly discuss your reasons for pursuing treatment at this time. I will try to determine if what you are looking for is something I am able to offer. If we agree to move forward together, an initial intake session will be scheduled, and a greater understanding of the presenting issues and history will be explored. A plan will be determined together at that session. The plan may include continuing to work together in therapy or may involve a referral to a more appropriate type of treatment or provider.

Getting Started with 1:1 Sessions

Marcie offers individual psychotherapy services to adults with her uniquely tailored and integrative approach. Sessions are typically held on a weekly basis, though at times more or less frequent sessions may be indicated.