Benefits In The Workplace

The benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in the workplace are well documented and many of the most successful organizations including Google, General Mills, Intel, Aetna and Goldman Sachs, have incorporated them into their culture for years. They include enhanced attention, focus, and creativity, reduced stress and anxiety and improved communication, resilience, and efficiency. These benefits not only foster a more peaceful and collaborative work environment, but also result in increased productivity, decreases in health care costs and ultimately an increase in the bottom line.

In this time of continued stress and uncertainty, Marcie’s extensive mental health background makes her uniquely qualified to help your team reap the benefits of these practices. She works with small and large businesses to develop programming that is uniquely tailored to their specific needs. Programming may include workshops, ongoing classes or time limited series to help support employee satisfaction and wellness and create a mindful culture that not only benefits individuals but the organization as a whole.

Marcie has collaborated with the following organizations privately and/or part of Qwell’s consulting.

Audible   |   Crate and Barrel   |   Glen Ridge Public Schools   |   Jazz House Kids   |   Lululemon Montclair
The MC Hotel   |   Montclair Kimberley Academy   |   The Pingry School

Kind Words From Clients

“Working with Marcie Handler and Qwell meditation was amazing for both the hotel executive staff, our guests and the local community. Qwell offered helpful classes to our executive staff during the pre-opening of the hotel which was incredibly stressful. Once opened they were our go to for rooftop meditation classes which were offered to guests and the local community. We loved having them as a partner/collaborator.”

The MC Hotel, Montclair, NJ.

“Dr. Marcie Handler has been a fantastic resource for the Montclair Kimberley Academy as we’ve navigated our way through an extraordinarily challenging school year. Educators, particularly this year, find it difficult to make time for self-care. The meditation sessions that Marcie has led have helped our faculty see the importance of such a practice. Teachers return again and again to the virtual sessions, finding the space Marcie creates to be inviting, relaxing and grounding, and with an understanding that even 30 minutes of meditation can and does change their day.”

Montclair Kimberley Academy, Montclair, NJ.

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